The wife thought it was some sort of bird at first.

Then an evil bird.

I thought it was a little devil-bull figurine.

Or, at almost 3 inches in length, maybe a petrified mustache.

Our Korean friend said it was a nut, but couldn’t remember how to open it or eat it. This object is presumably a nut common in Asia, but that’s all she knew. She just said it was good, and bought the whole bag. The bag from the local Asian store was, of course, unmarked.

If any of you know what this is, please tell me.

UPDATE: Using a nearby meat mallet, I discover there is, in fact, a nut inside. Unfortunately, it’s pretty vile raw. Our Korean friend says boiling is preferred method of prep. Of course, that little nugget if wisdom was a day late.

Still have no clue what this nut was.