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(since it seems unbelievably difficult sometimes).

Here’s info on Lechon basket:



Last shipment only about 15% -20% was stolen by Philippine shipping/airport workers. Let’s see how this one does. New shipment on it’s way….


New box! Here’s the list (click on link and wait to load):



New balikbayan box is ready. Here’s the packing list:

Click on image to enlarge.


1st design…….

Here’s pics of the house renovations (click to enlarge):

Here’s the mini-tour (click to view):

The complete video is here: boholhouse1flr. It’s a large file- give time to download. Just save the file, and then rename it from “boholhouse1flr.doc” to “boholhouse1flr.avi“. It should be playable just like a movie. May rapidshare it if this download won’t work. Don’t ask to email or Oovoo it; it’s too big. For a good movie player, click here.

Here’s packing lists for shipping box:



These are PDF files. If you need a viewer, download program here.



Here’s the original house design:

(click for larger view)

Nothing else has changed with the removal of the fourth bedroom except the overall width of the kitchen. The bathroom is now between the original house and the 3rd bedroom.


3rd design…..

Click for larger view

New Update: We’ve removed 2nd room so we won’t have to dig as much. New bathroom is off the storage room again, like in the 1st design.


4th design…..

Bed and bath side by side. Kitchen OK except need new sink. Storage room gone, but small concrete patio remains off back door.


Click for larger view

Now for specifics….


Do not have actual dimensions of existing construction. All sizes estimated from memory. Use existing room sizes as guide. Bedroom and bathroom depth should be same as existing bedroom. Use widths as marked. Width of kitchen should match existing footprint to outhouse, and depth should follow to end of new bedroom (i.e. rectangular)


• 2 outlets in bedroom (opposite walls) ,1 outlet in bathroom, 3 outlets in kitchen (one behind fridge, 1 behind counter, 1 between backdoor and bedroom wall)

• One large hanging light in center of kitchen. One or 2 small hanging lights over counter/sink


• shower w/shower head at at least 5 1/2′ height

• 6″ concrete shower surround to keep water from rest of bath

• Western-style Flush Toilet w/seat

• Porcelain sink at ~3′ height

• Fully tiled, black grout on floors, trey grout on walls, small tile on shower floor

• Storage shelves behind shower


• Railings for kitchen stairs and bedroom walkway should be wood. Finish using light oil stain and varnish. DO NOT FILL nail holes or defects.

• Skimcoat new construction. Paint with color same as walls of existing house


• Skimcoat new construction.

• Paint walls with ____ color. Paint windows and security bars with ____ color.

• Install security gate around porch and security rails over new windows.

• Install new windows with screens, if available.

• use existing roof metal sheets in new roof.

•Use solid wood doors in both back doors (non-decorative), and new locks w/deadbolts

2 Responses to “LAMOSTE”

  1. Kathy Says:

    nice house. Wish I could see it in real time. Have a good time Ms.Teo. I will miss you, mom

  2. plastic shower heads are cheaper and you can easily install them, they are not as durable as brass showers heads but good enough .~”

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