So…why name a website after an old Cemetery from a Horror movie? Why Not? Like ‘Cervete’, many strange things are buried here, just waiting for someone with a shovel. Is it you?After so many years of asking people the same questions about law, religion, car parts, and the general nature of things, I’ve discovered most people really don’t give a crap. As a last resort, I’m finally throwing my vast confusion on the web, and watching what sticks.Feel free to give me a piece of your mind (No FedEx, please), ask a question of your own, or just vent. If I have something you can use…use it! What the hell do I care? I can’t do anything with this stuff, anyway. Just tell me if something helps. It would make my day.

By the way, if you still can’t get over the name, it’s from “The Omen”. It appears to be based on the very real world-heritage Etruscan cemetery in Cerveteri, Italy.


Alter Egos….

d_the_huronian.png at EBay

MadMullah MadMullah in various other places…

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