Just read American Photo 30th anniversary issue, and remembered my subscription is up for my renewal early in 2009. I realized I’ll have been reading this mag for 20 years. I started in 1989 just before they changed their name. American photo has been as inspiring as it is informational.

I also realized that 20 years was enough. I’m not renewing. (more…)

I hugged my mom, I gave my wife a kiss goodbye. The boy never came home today (girlfriend issues again), so , heck with him.  I was all set for the full-power start of the LHC in Europe. The world, and apparently a large portion of the solar system, was about to end in a disasterous reaction between strange matter and the matter of our universe. Or worse, we’re about to be sucked down a monsterous black hole grown in Switzerland, where all black holes come from anyway. These are, of course, the only two possibilities. I’m sure the knowledge these scientists will gain in the few fleeting moments between our collective demise and the the flipping of the switch will be wondrous. But, unfortunately, it’s tough to publish when you’ve been strained through a cosmic Cuisinart. (more…)

For the first time, I saw a “flexfuel” Sedan in my area. It was a pretty, brand-new Chevy Impala. It’s shiny white paint glistened in the sun. It’s been a year and a half since I first wrote “Ethanol..Made to Fail?” , and 2 years since oil companies and car dealers in my area began pushing for local adoption. At the time, I was complaining that everyone was hailing Ethanol as our next energy savior, but no one would sell vehicles that ran on it. (more…)