With the boy graduating soon, I’m thinking more about the state of our higher educational system. My son’s fiancée received a Liberal Arts BACHELOR’S degree from a local university. Not by mistake or default- it was RECOMMENDED. Of course, she’s a waitress now.

With the educational spotlights in out country on early education quality and higher education cost, it looks like higher education content may be slipping. Even with the political punditry piled on job preparedness in the ‘new economy’, little seems to translate to changes in out college’s guidance counseling or curricula. IT degrees with no practical programming? Early childhood education degrees with no teaching certificate? Pointlessness, institutionalized. If this country is serious about growing our economy, endless bickering, polling, special-interest recommendations, sociology studies, none of these can be tolerated anymore. Talking is not a ‘solution’. A solution is action. We (which includes college department heads) have been given all the information we need for decades. We (the general public), have gotten nothing for our money. It appears forcing incompetence out of our university’s administration can only be done through law. (more…)

With so many things wrong with out government today, I was wondering what kind of reform would be needed to take care of it all at once. Impossible, I know. But with the filibuster-fun republicans were having recently,  I find I can’t help thinking about it. I’m not an economist, sociologist, teacher, or politician. Come to think of it, I’m not particularity useful at all. Still, I’ve tried to compile everything I could think of here. But, I could use your help. Please add what you know. For lack of a better name, I call it: “Bill of Responsibilities.(more…)