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       Listening to the Republican rhetoric on ‘Obamacare‘, one would think that the end of the American economy is  at hand. Unfortunately, the republican message is the only one being heard at the moment, and I’ve discovered  it’s the most widely understood. Having world in healthcare for many years, I know the need for universal  health coverage. I’ve written about the disparities in our commercial healthcare system before. I know a change  is needed. With the release of healthcare plan details to companies (and thus to their employees), dialog about  what’s next in health insurance payments has, for once, become a hot topic.  The disturbing thing… the Republican talking points are almost exclusively the ones echoed by my fellow  coworkers and friends. And it’s not a local phenomena. (more…)


We watched the election with fear and excitement. Pundits predicted riots in the streets and campaigns promised unicorns and rainbows; both equally inane. Now, the selection has been made. Obama’s new cabinet is filled. The jobs, handed out like the unreasonably expensive candy at the dinner party it truly is, are quickly gobbled-up by the loyal. Obama’s administration is already getting security updates from the white house. The new president is ready for the art of being…presidential.

But, what of Hillary? Poor Mrs. Clinton, out in the cold, crying in her martini? Or more likely, with now 7 million dollars in campaign debt, a stale beer. Interesting how the debt keeps increasing, even though the race is over. Remember it was 5 million at the end of the race? Then six; now 7! Her campaign still has the nerve to send emails to former supporters for more money! WTF! You don’t keep betting on a horse that’s already lost the race. But, having the balls to ask is nonetheless, impressive. (more…)

More and more, I’m seeing abortion in the news. It’s not a new issue, to be sure. But, for whatever reason, it’s taken center stage with fact that we’ve been attacked by a terrorist organization, that our sisters and brothers are now dying in an unending war, and our economy has crumbled around us. Why? If I had to guess, I would say the republican party is pushing the issue because they are losing on so many others (ecpscially the economy). And, like the lemmings we are, we go ahead and accept this as a valid issue to ruminate and wring our hands about. Yes, abortion is an important issue. But, it’s mind-bendingly important to a small, vocal group of people. They have led us to believe that we mus exhibit the same amount of moral indignation as they do, or risk being labeled a “baby murderer.” Horrors. It is an excellent marketing campagin. And it is working. 10 years ago, this was a fringe issue; now it’s center-stage. I’ve even found my moral compass being spun a few times when entering these murky waters. (more…)