Finally, Ohioans were able to get casinos legalized. Unfortunately, it took a constitutional amendment to force it’s existence. And, as written, it only allows casinos in Ohio’s 4 major cities. But, the legal door has been opened for future development outside those areas. The process is started, and that’s what’s important.  Bring-on the crime, drugs, poverty, addiction, and prostitution that comes with it. Oh..I forgot. We already had that, but without the casinos.

To all those detractors, I just have this to say: The wife and I enjoy driving to the casinos near us. People in Ohio always point to Detroit and Niagara to show that problems follow casinos (forgetting that Ohio already has state-sponsored gambling). We have noticed that the only problem with casinos is that they always look equally as good as all other casinos, regardless of the area they’re in.  This ironic image easily fuels the fire of ‘evil-casino’ rhetoric from anti-gambling advocates. It’s bull, but with those types of images, it’s easily believable bull. But, the truth is simpler.

Windsor and Pennsylvania are nice casinos in nice areas.

Niagara  has nice casinos  in a nice city block (don’t go too far).

Detroit has nice casinos in crap areas.

The casinos aren’t different. The areas are.  I’ve complained about these arguments before.   Nice cities will be nicer with casinos. Bad cities will remain bad with casinos.  The only difference is fun.


We’re approaching the end. Of what? Exotic dancing in Ohio! In my series of articles about this trend in Ohio ‘morality’, I’ve patiently waited for this legal battle to finally conclude. Well, apparently it has. In a recent report, the Supreme Court ruled that stripping wasn’t protected under 1st amendment and strippers can no longer touch patrons. This was the last-ditch battle of strip-club owners against a well-connected church PAC based in southern Ohio. No surprise it was a loss, but still sad to see that this is what our state has come to. (more…)


My city has decided to follow a lesser-known trend spreading slowing across the country. Local estimated income tax bills are now issued EVERY FEW MONTH’s instead of the yearly income tax we’re used to. These bills are not for businesses and high-income individuals, but everyone in the district, regardless of income! This doesn’t raise the income for the city, it just spreads-out their income in smaller payments over the year. Well, this isn’t quite true. It allows the city to charge random fees, penalties, and taxes on every return 4 times a year, instead of just one. That’s a nice boot to the general fund. And, since our city has the unusual habit of losing over-payments, forgetting to roll-over past-year credits, and miscalculating taxes, even more cash can be skimmed from the public. (more…)