Wife and I decided to take a trip to see a midnight rally in Toledo. It wasn’t supposed to be a midnight rally, but Hillary was over 2 hours late. De-icing the plane, we were told. She was in Columbus. Strangely, Toledo is a 2 hour drive away. It would have been faster just to car-pool up the state rather than waste time screwing-around with Ohio airports. Sneaking-in from an overflow room, we heard a speech saying all the things she needed to say. It was more job/union-centric than others, but this was Toledo. After the requisite amount of cheering, heckling, and fainting, we all got out of there just before midnight. Still pretty good. (more…)


Polls and votes have shown that the American democrats have not decided between Clinton and Obama. It seems, though, the democratic party leaders are attempting to decide for us, and I’m pissed.

It started with a minor inkling that something was off. Media outlets were not going after Obama as much as the other candidates. After a while, MSNBC (which I consider to be the democratic equivalent (almost) as FOX news is for the republican party) began unusually extensive coverage of all Hillary Clinton’s remarks. She or Bill would say something, anything, and they would endlessly decompile, analyze, and reinterpret it, until they were confident enough to misquote it. This silliness went on until other news outlets would pick up their “stories” and re run it as “news.” Media interpretation as news…wonderful. (more…)