When I’m’ feeling down, something usually happens to make me feel a little better. Today was one of those days. About 15 years ago, I had one of my many brainstorms and came-up with an Idea.

Using silk in neurobiology could be a solution to the bulky copper electrode problem hampering development of truly portable brain electrical monitoring. This was one of the major drawbacks of automating assistance to people whose bodies no longer worked due to neurological damage (brain-computer interfaces, brain-wheelchair interfaces, etc). Yes, my brainstorms are a little unusual. (more…)



Non-healing wounds are a severe problem for people with compromised immune or circulatory systems from (common in diabetes, cancer treatment, etc). Treatments to accelerate wound closure after injury in problem patients are rare and usually require special outpatient care- even for seemingly innocuous cuts and scrapes.

I want to throw this out there just for people who are in the know. Has anyone tried, or even heard-of, a poultice of the following products for wound-treatment?

1. Xylitol (100%only)

2. Lactoferrin powder (not Colostrum)

3. Hamamelitannin (i.e. Thayers Organic Unscented Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula)

Have family members that might be helped by this, but don’t feel like making them guinea pigs. Comments encouraged.