republicanismFormerly named “Go Teabag Yourself”, in appreciation of early 2009 Republican –backed ‘Tea-party protests’ against the Obama administration.

Obama has pledged not to initiate an investigation into the illegal activities of the previous administration. The impetus for this, the spirit of allowing the country to heal, is commendable. But it also allows the misinformation and pseudo-religious fervency fostered by that administration to continue to fester in the public mind. Obama’s economic initiatives are starting to show improvement, only a matter of months after their inception. The war, counter to pre-election opinion of Obama’s capability, is continuing to turn-around. Republican rhetoric for the last decade is beginning to be proven completely wrong in a very short period of time. Recently, I turned-on the TV and saw a full religious sermon televised on the FOX news, the only republican-activist news agency on TV. Not just covered by FOX- sponsored by FOX. Unfortunately, I was only surprised by the timing, not the act itself. When a news agency (even an openly activist one) crosses the line from news reporting to news creation, that shows desperation. When the core ideals of a religion are attacked, the population reacts by becoming fundamentalist. This party is reacting like a religion, not a political institution. (more…)


We watched the election with fear and excitement. Pundits predicted riots in the streets and campaigns promised unicorns and rainbows; both equally inane. Now, the selection has been made. Obama’s new cabinet is filled. The jobs, handed out like the unreasonably expensive candy at the dinner party it truly is, are quickly gobbled-up by the loyal. Obama’s administration is already getting security updates from the white house. The new president is ready for the art of being…presidential.

But, what of Hillary? Poor Mrs. Clinton, out in the cold, crying in her martini? Or more likely, with now 7 million dollars in campaign debt, a stale beer. Interesting how the debt keeps increasing, even though the race is over. Remember it was 5 million at the end of the race? Then six; now 7! Her campaign still has the nerve to send emails to former supporters for more money! WTF! You don’t keep betting on a horse that’s already lost the race. But, having the balls to ask is nonetheless, impressive. (more…)

Just announced, Obama chooses Joe Biden as V.P.

How interesting.

No, not Biden… that part isn’t particularly interesting at all. He’s fine, normal, and perfectly expected. The interesting part is that his choice wasn’t Hillary. With Obama’s polls slipping quickly away, it makes me wonder if the upcoming Democratic convention might become something more than just a ceremonial roll call for Hillary delegates. Should  actually be interesting to watch. (more…)