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With the boy graduating soon, I’m thinking more about the state of our higher educational system. My son’s fiancée received a Liberal Arts BACHELOR’S degree from a local university. Not by mistake or default- it was RECOMMENDED. Of course, she’s a waitress now.

With the educational spotlights in out country on early education quality and higher education cost, it looks like higher education content may be slipping. Even with the political punditry piled on job preparedness in the ‘new economy’, little seems to translate to changes in out college’s guidance counseling or curricula. IT degrees with no practical programming? Early childhood education degrees with no teaching certificate? Pointlessness, institutionalized. If this country is serious about growing our economy, endless bickering, polling, special-interest recommendations, sociology studies, none of these can be tolerated anymore. Talking is not a ‘solution’. A solution is action. We (which includes college department heads) have been given all the information we need for decades. We (the general public), have gotten nothing for our money. It appears forcing incompetence out of our university’s administration can only be done through law. (more…)


Firstly…no, I don’t have any for sale. I just invented it.

Secondly…. Those are my nasty old slippers in the pic, so don’t ask for those, either.

Thirdly… What?!?

A recent “navigational-error” experienced by my mother in her power chair (involving a wall corner in her bedroom) resulted in 2 broken toes and 11 stitches. Also a trail of blood on her new carpet was a bonus. This isn’t her first accident, or her first injury. But, this was her first chair-related hospital visit. And, I was surprised to discover she wasn’t the only one in that ER this week. (more…)

When I’m’ feeling down, something usually happens to make me feel a little better. Today was one of those days. About 15 years ago, I had one of my many brainstorms and came-up with an Idea.

Using silk in neurobiology could be a solution to the bulky copper electrode problem hampering development of truly portable brain electrical monitoring. This was one of the major drawbacks of automating assistance to people whose bodies no longer worked due to neurological damage (brain-computer interfaces, brain-wheelchair interfaces, etc). Yes, my brainstorms are a little unusual. (more…)

My opinion of VOIP communications has oozed through my blog before. I keep hoping it becomes user-friendly. I keep hoping it becomes reliable. I keep hoping.

A while back, I was looking at USB ‘phones’ in the store (most of which were in the bargain bin). I had this idea. I have a computer. I have a high-speed internet connection. I have an old telephone. I have a dial-up modem… Just like the ones on every computer ever made! I can connect all these things together. That means I have an electrical pathway like this: Phone to POTS modem, modem to computer, to cable modem, to Internet.

Why the hell do I need a USB phone? (more…)


Non-healing wounds are a severe problem for people with compromised immune or circulatory systems from (common in diabetes, cancer treatment, etc). Treatments to accelerate wound closure after injury in problem patients are rare and usually require special outpatient care- even for seemingly innocuous cuts and scrapes.

I want to throw this out there just for people who are in the know. Has anyone tried, or even heard-of, a poultice of the following products for wound-treatment?

1. Xylitol (100%only)

2. Lactoferrin powder (not Colostrum)

3. Hamamelitannin (i.e. Thayers Organic Unscented Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula)

Have family members that might be helped by this, but don’t feel like making them guinea pigs. Comments encouraged.


I wonder if anyone has ever built a input pad for a vehicle speed system to set a car’s cruise control. Imagine: instead of watching the dash as you accelerate to set your cruise-control, simply key-in a new speed and the cruse-control immediately takes-over. I figure some sort of audible, synthetic-voice response confirming the action would be the safest implementation of this kind of system. Once you’re used to using the 10-key pad, you won’t even have to take your eyes off the road (which is the whole point). Obviously, this is only for people obsessed with their speed.

Like me.


Why don’t we have cameraphones with dual lenses for web-conferencing and videocalls? Internet-access cell networks are now common. Localized Wi-fi capability allows smartphone users to browse the Internet and even use Skype. Hello!?! Skype already HAS VIDEO-CALLING CAPABILITY! All we need is a phone ready to use the system.

It appears that Treo and Nokia tried some versions of this in the past. But, they were either betas, or didn’t quite work right. Anyway, this is essentially a hardware issue… a phone must have a camera next to it’s primary interface display so callers can not only see who they’re talking to, but also be seen. No phone has this yet. Want to skimp on design? Make one lens and have it rotate on the top of the phone- in for webcam, out for photos. Still to cheap for that? How about a popup mirror that wraps the image around the edge of the phone for webcalls. A bicycle mirror duck-taped to the back of your cellphone- That would be hilarious.

Trust me.. if someone builds this phone, mobile video versions of Skype, MSN Live, and Oovoo would be out in days. Some phone manufacturer needs to take the lead here. Com’mon Japan- get moving! Lets waste some bandwidth!

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