Killer (“Shamu”) whale kills trainer at Sea World.

Well… yea.

I loved visiting Sea World in Ohio as a child. Seeing Shamu was a wonderful moment that I’ll probably never forget. And yet, even I’ll admit I wanted to make jokes at this one. “Killer Whale” isn’t a name that elicits the warm-fuzzies in us, and it isn’t supposed to. Like a police officer or a fireman, you put yourself in harm’s way long enough, it’s going to bite you. Literally.

I think I’d feel worse if I hadn’t seen a recent documentary about ocean mammal trade in Japan, funded mostly by Sea World and the Japanese Government. It details the capture and slaughter of dolphins¬† and whales for food and the animal entertainment industry. Shines a very poor light on the entire amusement park animal idea. This event just makes it worse.



For the last 5 months, I’ve been noticing something different in my grocery store.¬† My eggs seem smaller.


No, it’s not a personal problem.


The normal “large” size eggs we usually buy seemed to be shrinking every week we’d go shopping. I thought it was just the brand carried by our local Meijer store, until I was mixing-up some batter for a perch-fry at my mom’s house in September. Her Wal-mart extra-large’s seem a bit medium-ish.¬† An industry trend, or am I just seeing things? (more…)

For the first time, I saw a “flexfuel” Sedan in my area. It was a pretty, brand-new Chevy Impala. It’s shiny white paint glistened in the sun. It’s been a year and a half since I first wrote “Ethanol..Made to Fail?” , and 2 years since oil companies and car dealers in my area began pushing for local adoption. At the time, I was complaining that everyone was hailing Ethanol as our next energy savior, but no one would sell vehicles that ran on it. (more…)

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