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What a crappy Halloween. Sure, the trick-or-treaters were nice, but what about the television? My wonderful Television? (more…)


On this, the 40th anniversary of the moon landing and just days after the death of Walter Cronkite, the subject of integrity kept repeating itself. Cronkite was there, our country’s eyes on some of the most influential events of the 20th century, bringing them into our homes and lives. I wondered how he would feel about the press we have today. Amazingly, for once, the television answered. An interview some years ago allowed him to rail against the growing trend of idiocy and entertainment in news media; where first amendment rights are abdicated by the media to allow reporters to pursue even friendlier, cozier, relationships with those they were meant to be reporting on. There was my answer, being replayed right before my eyes. Boob-tube was actually good for something.

The cult of personality was supposed to be created by the media, not to envelop them as well. (more…)


The Organ Historical Society (OHS) and American Theater Organ Society had their annual conventions in Cleveland, Ohio this year. Michael Barone of the “Pipedreams” radio program hosted both. Each annual convention is a week-long event in a different city each year, featuring recitals by famous organists in multiple venues across the area. Being a longtime Pipedreams fan and a resident of the Cleveland area, I assumed I probably never have this chance again. I decided to tag-along for the last day of the celebration. (more…)

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