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Today was Johann Sebastian Bach’s 325 birthday, or would have been if he’d lasted to 325 years old. The Sandusky Ohio chapter of the American Guild of Organists held a little show in honor of the event. Several local organists provided some music in a series of churches across the town. Being a fan of Bach, pipe organs, and Bach played on pipe organs, I decided to take a listen.

Although Sandusky did boast one stop on a recent northern Ohio tour of the international Organ Historical Society (of whom I was a member, for a day), the 3 churches that me and about 100 fellow tour-mates enjoyed were not on that particular list. These were not world-class instruments, nor the organists national stars. However, they put on a good show, for the most part.

Honestly, being very¬† picky about Bach performances (especially on the organ), I almost didn’t make it to the second venue. At one point, I remember gazing at the well-suited old man sitting patiently a row in front of me, his wispy white hair no longer able to hide the hearing aid firmly embedded in his skull. I remember envying him in the knowledge that his ears had an off-switch. (more…)

We got to see hints of improvement over the last 2 games, but now a Win! Over the Steelers? Ha! Now to see if they can keep it going. Can they keep other teams from easily decoding their offense after the half (seems to happen a lot)? Can they keep their defense healthy for a whole season of game-saving? Can they pay Joshua Cribs, their only star player, enough to stay in Cleveland? I don’t know, but Browns are now fun again. Thats enough for me.




Really. Now what do we do?

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