I have a 2007 Chevy Uplander minivan for sale. 29K miles, no rust, exc. condition. Plus…

-Remote Starter


-Auto/Air/Pwr. Everything!

-Bariatric retrofit: Railed driver’s seat, pull handles, & seatbelt extenders

-Bruno wheelchair hoist

And…It Comes with 2002 Pace- Saver power wheelchair! (more…)

Akio Toyoda testified before congress today, claiming recent failures were due to floor mats and pedals again, but claims the fix includes pedal replacement, floormat replacement, and electronic reprogramming. They did not directly say that electronic failures were a cause, only a consumer concern. Nice.  Two issues come to mind… (more…)


While starting a new business this September, I fell victim to a scam. It was an old scam, but packaged in a brand-new way.


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