Killer (“Shamu”) whale kills trainer at Sea World.

Well… yea.

I loved visiting Sea World in Ohio as a child. Seeing Shamu was a wonderful moment that I’ll probably never forget. And yet, even I’ll admit I wanted to make jokes at this one. “Killer Whale” isn’t a name that elicits the warm-fuzzies in us, and it isn’t supposed to. Like a police officer or a fireman, you put yourself in harm’s way long enough, it’s going to bite you. Literally.

I think I’d feel worse if I hadn’t seen a recent documentary about ocean mammal trade in Japan, funded mostly by Sea World and the Japanese Government. It details the capture and slaughter of dolphins  and whales for food and the animal entertainment industry. Shines a very poor light on the entire amusement park animal idea. This event just makes it worse.