December 2009

For those of you who have gone and bought a Viore PLC7v95 portable TV that I discussed before, you may have found something missing. While transferring some movies to the unit, I found that it’s picky about formats. Unfortunately, Viore doesn’t describe what formats are compatible with their units. Nothing in the manual, nothing on the website. (more…)

We got to see hints of improvement over the last 2 games, but now a Win! Over the Steelers? Ha! Now to see if they can keep it going. Can they keep other teams from easily decoding their offense after the half (seems to happen a lot)? Can they keep their defense healthy for a whole season of game-saving? Can they pay Joshua Cribs, their only star player, enough to stay in Cleveland? I don’t know, but Browns are now fun again. Thats enough for me.