My opinion of VOIP communications has oozed through my blog before. I keep hoping it becomes user-friendly. I keep hoping it becomes reliable. I keep hoping.

A while back, I was looking at USB ‘phones’ in the store (most of which were in the bargain bin). I had this idea. I have a computer. I have a high-speed internet connection. I have an old telephone. I have a dial-up modem… Just like the ones on every computer ever made! I can connect all these things together. That means I have an electrical pathway like this: Phone to POTS modem, modem to computer, to cable modem, to Internet.

Why the hell do I need a USB phone? If I want to use a handset for VOIP calls, why can’t I just plug the old phone into the computer’s modem?  Why can’t my computer route VOIP calls to the POTS modem?

As long as you’re not running fax software or don’t have the telephone line to the network connected, your computer should be able to route sound/mic input to the phone line. Your computer’s sound card can already utilize existing software to record sound from the telephone line as-is. The capability exists. Why hasn’t anyone written a software plugin for VOIP programs? Sell more VOIP phones?

I imagine such a thing could be made like this…

Just like SRS labs audio enhancement driver software works with (but doesn’t delete) existing sound-card drivers upon installation (allowing users to select input/output either from their sound card or the enhancement software from any program utilizing sound), a separate driver for Modem-to-sound could be written. That way, all VOIP programs (and any other programs you wanted) could access the feature without any other modification.

This would be a perfect 3-rd party application project. Maybe someday…