What a crappy Halloween. Sure, the trick-or-treaters were nice, but what about the television? My wonderful Television?

One of the enjoyable things about Halloween is the multitude of horror movies to watch during the evening. In fact, the entire week before is usually filled with fun films. This past week was no exception.

However, on Halloween day, there were precious few. Ony AMC, SciFi (SyFy?), and Lifetime…yes Lifetime…were playing horror movies on Halloween. And AMC just played the same one over and over. Notice, all these are cable networks- no  major players. They were busy with old blockbuster action films; the kind meant to create major draw for major advertising.

The day after Halloween, all US retailers tried to make a new ‘black friday’ by significantly discounting items across the board. Though usually saved for after Thanksgiving, the idea was to spur buying almost a month early, in hopes of wringing some good from the end of this recession. It looks like retailers needed major advertising to kick-off the new ‘buying-season’ that  Sunday morning. But, that major advertising requires a slightly more generic demographic than horror films could draw. The Big Networks switched to more palatable ‘action’ films to draw the ‘right’ crowds, and advertised the hell out of them.

I have nothing against trying to save business or making money. But the economic need for rampant consumerism just ruined my Halloween. Couldn’t they have waited for Sunday night?