I like Michael Moore . I believe from his movies that we have similar political views, similar love for videography, similar poor taste in clothes, and I fear, very soon, a similar waistline. But this is not why I enjoyed this film . His current project summarizes what I’ve been ranting throughout this blog, so for me, this 2 hours was nothing new. I enjoyed Capitalism because it’s been a long time since I heard cheering in a movie theater. A long time.

I heard cheering tonight.

Admittedly, it wasn’t death-star-blowing-up cheering, but not too bad for the 20 or so in the theater this Friday. It doesn’t have the history lessons of a “Zeitgeist” (luckily), and it doesn’t always take the time to draw clear connections between the causes of it’s subject’s dire problems. But I didn’t expect one film to do everything. The stories of individuals’ struggles against our system are heartbreaking, and the corruption in the highest parts of our government will make you want to burn an investment bank. The only hero’s offered (besides Moore himself) are the few congressmen who were willing to discuss these issues and fight the growing threat they saw (including our own local rep., Marcy Kaptur). “Capitalism: A love story” is one of Moore’s best.

As for the whole Erie County thing, I actually have no clue. Though “Capitalism” was in Erie’s County’s only theater licensed to carry it, it sure wasn’t there very long. I had to drive 30 minutes to the neighboring county to see this flick. Though my local cinemaplex is much smaller, I hardly think they can use poor turnout as an excuse to pull it. We went to see ‘Whiteout’ last week. It was crap, and we were the only ones in the theater.

The only ones.

The cinema kept that movie playing that even longer.

But “Capitalism:“… gone. Beyond that, I don’t have proof of jack. I just thought it was interesting. Go see “Capitalism: A love story”.

Before it’s gone.


UPDATE: It’s now the end of October, and the local theater has BROUGHT BACK  “Capitalism”. Never seen them bring back a movie before. Now I can go see it again without the drive. Or not.