October 2009



For the last 5 months, I’ve been noticing something different in my grocery store.  My eggs seem smaller.


No, it’s not a personal problem.


The normal “large” size eggs we usually buy seemed to be shrinking every week we’d go shopping. I thought it was just the brand carried by our local Meijer store, until I was mixing-up some batter for a perch-fry at my mom’s house in September. Her Wal-mart extra-large’s seem a bit medium-ish.  An industry trend, or am I just seeing things? (more…)


This isn’t a master’s thesis. Not even an essay for an anthropology magazine. This was just a minor project I undertook to save an entire culture. A day’s research and writing snowballed into something much more.


While starting a new business this September, I fell victim to a scam. It was an old scam, but packaged in a brand-new way.


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