A new ‘souvenir’ from the wife’s Philippine vacation: an aluminum pan.

With no handle.

“Why’d you by a broken pan?” I ask.

“That’s how they come!” she says. “The handle is extra.”

I sigh, knowing this is somehow going to involve me again. “How much more?”

“Double the price of the pan. But, you’re smart. You can fix it!” She smiles at me pleadingly.

I don’t know whether to be pissed-off at her or the entire country of people that thinks this type of commerce is acceptable.

10,000 for a car- Ohh.. but it’s extra if you want it to run?

50 cents for a Pepsi, but you want it non-toxic… a dollar more!?!

Sit down for some chicken and rice at this nice restaurant, but double the price if you want it actually cooked?

Have a brand new frying pan! You want to be able to pick it up? Well, pay-up!

That’s insane. Why put up with this? Why believe it should be normal? Why hasn’t this resulted in massive fatalities among dealers in the Philippines as cheated masses rise up in anger against the rash of false advertising and insane commerce practices?

Really, the only hard part was finding a matching aluminum screw to hold in the handle. Time-wise, I did more bitching than actual work. After I was finished, I noticed it looked exactly like the umbrella handle I made for her last year. Maybe she won’t notice.