July 2009


A while ago, I discussed the proliferation of “*.chan.org” sites. Now, western U.S. division of AT&T has blocked it’s internet subscribers from the site “img.4chan.org/b”. 4chan.org, the home of the original /b/ board and the ‘Anonymous’ group, is a bastion of filth, pornography, shock, and general failure ripe for banning from the internet. If it were to disappear tomorrow, it wouldn’t be much of a loss. Oddly, it’s also well loved for being.. well, all of those things.

Censorship, regardless of the victim, is unconscionable in America. 4Chan, even though it attempts to censor itself from the worst predilections of our society, still makes itself an easy target for this type of bias. Regardless, this incident of blatant censorship is an unusual move for a liberal-minded west coast area. Whether AT&T will be able to continue this policy is too soon to tell. The real problem is that, if it’s accepted there, AT&T and other telecoms in more conservative areas of the country will jump at the chance to do the same. The next 24 hours should be interesting. (more…)


On this, the 40th anniversary of the moon landing and just days after the death of Walter Cronkite, the subject of integrity kept repeating itself. Cronkite was there, our country’s eyes on some of the most influential events of the 20th century, bringing them into our homes and lives. I wondered how he would feel about the press we have today. Amazingly, for once, the television answered. An interview some years ago allowed him to rail against the growing trend of idiocy and entertainment in news media; where first amendment rights are abdicated by the media to allow reporters to pursue even friendlier, cozier, relationships with those they were meant to be reporting on. There was my answer, being replayed right before my eyes. Boob-tube was actually good for something.

The cult of personality was supposed to be created by the media, not to envelop them as well. (more…)


I wonder if anyone has ever built a input pad for a vehicle speed system to set a car’s cruise control. Imagine: instead of watching the dash as you accelerate to set your cruise-control, simply key-in a new speed and the cruse-control immediately takes-over. I figure some sort of audible, synthetic-voice response confirming the action would be the safest implementation of this kind of system. Once you’re used to using the 10-key pad, you won’t even have to take your eyes off the road (which is the whole point). Obviously, this is only for people obsessed with their speed.

Like me.

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