Recently, my wife took a trip to Asia (without me).  She planned to take her parents on a short flight to the northern part of the Philippines to do some sightseeing. I purchased tickets online for everyone before she left, but I discovered from the airline’s website that she needed a way of proving to the flight crew that she was allowed to use those tickets .


Apparently, if you use someone else’s credit card to purchase tickets, you have to prove that you have authorization to do so. Interestingly, though the airlines have been demanding this “authorization” for some time, no one has a formal procedure to do this yet, or even any idea what exactly it is.

So, I started writing. I made a form. I wrote an “Affidavit of Use” using some simplified legal english, and some pretty pictures of my credit card and photo ID. A notary signature with a fancy seal put the icing on the cake.

When she got to the airport with her family, with her internet flight coupons, and my  little affidavit, they all got on the plane easily. From what I’ve been told,  the affidavit  was quite impressive and came in very handy. Here’s a copy of the template if you are stuck in a similar situation.  Import your own pics, and enjoy. It really works!

Affidavit of Use