republicanismFormerly named “Go Teabag Yourself”, in appreciation of early 2009 Republican –backed ‘Tea-party protests’ against the Obama administration.

Obama has pledged not to initiate an investigation into the illegal activities of the previous administration. The impetus for this, the spirit of allowing the country to heal, is commendable. But it also allows the misinformation and pseudo-religious fervency fostered by that administration to continue to fester in the public mind. Obama’s economic initiatives are starting to show improvement, only a matter of months after their inception. The war, counter to pre-election opinion of Obama’s capability, is continuing to turn-around. Republican rhetoric for the last decade is beginning to be proven completely wrong in a very short period of time. Recently, I turned-on the TV and saw a full religious sermon televised on the FOX news, the only republican-activist news agency on TV. Not just covered by FOX- sponsored by FOX. Unfortunately, I was only surprised by the timing, not the act itself. When a news agency (even an openly activist one) crosses the line from news reporting to news creation, that shows desperation. When the core ideals of a religion are attacked, the population reacts by becoming fundamentalist. This party is reacting like a religion, not a political institution. MSNBC (a more democratically-activist network) would never consider doing something like this. Although, being much more secular, I’m not sure what they’d run it, even if they wanted to.

The Grand Ole’ Parties?

The splintering of the Republican Party can only accelerate now: Politicos and fundamentalists. Recent opinions in local newspaper articles of the very conservative area of Ohio in which I live exposing the virtues of capitalism and GW bush illustrated this to me painfully well. That was it. As any doctor can tell you: anything that is allowed to fester will only get worse. The cure for this problem isn’t antibiotics, its truth.

Some people are obsessed with traditional American labels from the cold war. Communism & socialism were not only equal, but equally evil. Capitalism was taught as a religion. Unfortunately, most adherents don’t even know what these terms mean. They cling to the words of rich CEO’s in hopes that someday they too will reap the rewards of a Capitalist dream. What nobody wanted to face is that the excellent performance of the stocks in their retirement accounts would be little comfort when they have no job or home ten years later. Economic growth is only good when it includes all the economic sectors, not just investment banks and Dow-Jones corporations.

Where Did This Start?

Decades ago, depression-era laws began to be whittled-away until they no longer existed. This partially contributed to our current financial situation and is the fault of both parties. But more directly, massive donations to the Republican Party resulted in SEC bureaucrat’s orders to look the other way when violations happened. These violations were the last straw that spurred our current disaster.

Any farmer that receives a subsidy, every employee that has ever received an unemployment check, every poor child that received free healthcare- this is socialism and it’s in your country. If this is what you’re truly rallying against, than it’s time to reevaluate what your hatred is really for.

Some people seem to enjoy comparing the exploits of previous presidents to prove the ‘evils’ the Democratic Party to defend their own beleaguered political views. How do these popular opinions compare to the actual history?


For republicans, the failures of the modern era seem to start with Jimmy Carter. There is ample hatred of Democratic presidents before him, but pressed for answers, Republican pundits tent to start with Jimmy. Though an admittedly easy target, it’s his greatest successes that generally come under fire. Jimmy Carter’s creation of The Fannie Mae program allowed thousands of low-income people to purchase homes. And, the system actually worked well. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were wildly successful for decades at combating that trend. Their failure now wasn’t due to their purpose (though it is inherently riskier). Their failure was due to corrupt over writers and predator banks repackaging these loans as investments. The SEC exists to keep this from happening, but a Republican administration allowed and encouraged it. I believe that republican attacking of these entities was just a way to justify traditional Republican virtues of social inequality and the concentration of power with the rich. Keeping the poor from owning homes/land is one of the easiest ways to this.

Regan & Bush

The excesses of Regan era economic plan are still known today as “Reaganomics“. The ‘trickle-down’ policy has taken its place as one of the greatest incidents of the redistribution of wealth to the ruling-class in the history of the world. Though much of this money went to America’s Military industrial complex to bankroll an arms-race that hastened the bankruptcy of the USSR, it also put us into an almost insurmountable debt to other countries. H.W. Bush continued Regan’s economic policies, but he was mired in a middle-east war.


The Clinton era witnessed growth in not only large companies, but with the small and mid-size manufacturers who make-up the bulk of the employers in the nation. General prosperity was the norm. Clinton’s cuts in military spending allowed for the incredible diplomatic strides that we witnessed, and freed funds for desperately needed social programs. His only failure was in including CIA operations into his broad military cuts. This allowed the threats from the mid-east (created during Regan-era cold-war games) to grow unseen.

G.W. Bush

The G.W. Bush era’s military-industrial complex was enhanced by religion-funded groups, all coordinated by the party. Fundamentalist sects in the US regularly included worship of the president, even teaching this in new religion in fundamentalist church Sunday-schools. The marriage of these political and religious groups was unprecedented in American society. Reganomics was reinstated and median incomes dropped, except the upper-class. Large companies, mostly associated with military sector, saw unimaginable growth. This, along with financial deregulation, created an enormous balloon in the banking arena, and bankers began repackaging and reinvesting their new-found wealth in riskier and riskier activities. Unfortunately, as these companies grew, the small to mid-size companies began failing due to a lack of wealth in the general population. Deregulation allowed this profound risk-taking, and spurred an economic collapse. Not even massive tax givebacks could jumpstart the economy, and a new depression was on the horizon.

This was the Bush era, and this description doesn’t even address the erosion of civil liberties, constitutional violations, unprecedented science cutbacks and censoring, bungled response to natural disasters, unprovoked war on one front and a mishandled war on another, and the witnessing of the largest terrorist attack on U.S. soil- ever. Massive intelligence spending did foil several subsequent attacks, but at a great cost militarily, financially, and socially.


Even with all this, party worship is still prevalent in our society. Why do people continue to cling to lies, without any thought to their sensibility? Its simple- republican party as evolved into a religion.

Maybe I’m too easily baited by fringe elements. But, after years of lies, we should have all learned that the more you repeat lies, the more they’re believed. That’s why they must be met every time- to keep us all informed.