ABC News

ABC news recently studied teenager’s reactions to guns by hiding disabled guns in their homes, and taping them with hidden cameras. They reacted as teenagers will.. like idiots.

Children unfamiliar with weapons, suddenly allowed to handle them without supervision, will do stupid things. This is the same with power tools, cars, chemicals, or any other potentially dangerous object. For guns, this is made worse when news agencies, political leaders, teachers (and eventually parents), dedicate so much energy demonizing EVIL GUNS. All they do is foster fascination in children’s eyes. this is basic psychology. Teach gun safety and handling in childhood and the fascination disappears. GUNS become ‘tools,’ and accidents decrease.

The set-up of this “study” seemed to be skewed for a specific result. Though it makes sexy headlines, it implies nothing more than a lie. Using poorly education children as an excuse to outlaw guns will erode our liberties and do nothing to decrease accidents. The only politically correct solution to reducing accidents is to decrease this elicit fascination our society has fostered. Combat this by teaching gun handling safety, not gun fear. Stoking irrational fear is a solution that will result in more accidents. It isn’t politically correct- it’s politically motivated. As viewers, think critically. Don’t fall for it.

Photo courtesy of ABC News