April 2009

ABC News

ABC news recently studied teenager’s reactions to guns by hiding disabled guns in their homes, and taping them with hidden cameras. They reacted as teenagers will.. like idiots.

Children unfamiliar with weapons, suddenly allowed to handle them without supervision, will do stupid things. This is the same with power tools, cars, chemicals, or any other potentially dangerous object. For guns, this is made worse when news agencies, political leaders, teachers (and eventually parents), dedicate so much energy demonizing EVIL GUNS. All they do is foster fascination in children’s eyes. this is basic psychology. Teach gun safety and handling in childhood and the fascination disappears. GUNS become ‘tools,’ and accidents decrease. (more…)


I have to admit, I’ve grown tired of the biocentrist argument. I thought it would be a fad would quickly die -out. It hasn’t. In anthropic reasoning: Humans exist, therefore we are able to study our universe. That doesn’t mean the logic works backwards: ‘Humans study the universe, therefore it exists’. However, this is precisely the position of biocentrism. I believe this belittles the science of physics. We may find that this rhetoric of biocentrism will end up a stumbling block for physicists and future students. And, it certainly makes an already conundrum-filled field even more inaccessible to the general public. (more…)


Listening to my favorite local classical music station in the car the other day, I learned about some shenanigans being played on us by our government. this one bugged me more than most because it has the potential to effect me directly, and in a bad way.

A new law has been sneaking it’s way through the legislature that will force radio stations to pay royalties to music companies for every song they play. Amazingly, it seems to have great support. Once the music industry discovered they could legally charge Internet radio stations royalties, they set their sites on traditional broadcasters for more revenue. Using the sales-pitch of royalty equality, the “Performance Rights Act” (H.R.4789 , S.2500) was introduced in 2007.

What nobody seems to realize is this will effectively put all small, independent stations out of business (which was probably the idea, anyway). The capitol costs behind broadcast stations (land, antennas, amplifiers, studios, etc) are much higher than a internet stations (A server, microphone, and a comfy chair). This makes profit margins on broadcast stations are traditionally much smaller. Internet stations could adsorb the costs, regardless of royalty charge fairness. These are simply different business models. (more…)