My city has decided to follow a lesser-known trend spreading slowing across the country. Local estimated income tax bills are now issued EVERY FEW MONTH’s instead of the yearly income tax we’re used to. These bills are not for businesses and high-income individuals, but everyone in the district, regardless of income! This doesn’t raise the income for the city, it just spreads-out their income in smaller payments over the year. Well, this isn’t quite true. It allows the city to charge random fees, penalties, and taxes on every return 4 times a year, instead of just one. That’s a nice boot to the general fund. And, since our city has the unusual habit of losing over-payments, forgetting to roll-over past-year credits, and miscalculating taxes, even more cash can be skimmed from the public.

Why should citizens be forced to run to the accountant four times a year because the city’s administration cant budget properly anymore? If your Mayor can’t use a calculator, why should he have control over a police force? Isn’t that level of incompetence dangerous? Why do these people keep getting elected? Even if the election system is corrupted in some way, wouldn’t the officials left eventually realize that this will impact the tax base as people move away?

I have no answers. People in my city have traditionally been too stupid to notice these things. Luckily, that can’t stop me from moving away.