February 2009


Why don’t we have cameraphones with dual lenses for web-conferencing and videocalls? Internet-access cell networks are now common. Localized Wi-fi capability allows smartphone users to browse the Internet and even use Skype. Hello!?! Skype already HAS VIDEO-CALLING CAPABILITY! All we need is a phone ready to use the system.

It appears that Treo and Nokia tried some versions of this in the past. But, they were either betas, or didn’t quite work right. Anyway, this is essentially a hardware issue… a phone must have a camera next to it’s primary interface display so callers can not only see who they’re talking to, but also be seen. No phone has this yet. Want to skimp on design? Make one lens and have it rotate on the top of the phone- in for webcam, out for photos. Still to cheap for that? How about a popup mirror that wraps the image around the edge of the phone for webcalls. A bicycle mirror duck-taped to the back of your cellphone- That would be hilarious.

Trust me.. if someone builds this phone, mobile video versions of Skype, MSN Live, and Oovoo would be out in days. Some phone manufacturer needs to take the lead here. Com’mon Japan- get moving! Lets waste some bandwidth!


My city has decided to follow a lesser-known trend spreading slowing across the country. Local estimated income tax bills are now issued EVERY FEW MONTH’s instead of the yearly income tax we’re used to. These bills are not for businesses and high-income individuals, but everyone in the district, regardless of income! This doesn’t raise the income for the city, it just spreads-out their income in smaller payments over the year. Well, this isn’t quite true. It allows the city to charge random fees, penalties, and taxes on every return 4 times a year, instead of just one. That’s a nice boot to the general fund. And, since our city has the unusual habit of losing over-payments, forgetting to roll-over past-year credits, and miscalculating taxes, even more cash can be skimmed from the public. (more…)


I guess it’s good I’ve never won the lottery. If I had, I would probably start an Ohio Legal Defense Fund aimed solely at protecting citizens of Ohio from Ohio governments. I say “Government(S)” because many people forget that they are beholden to multiple governmental entities in America; all with their own conflicting bureaucracies, responsibilities, and procedures. When problems arise, Ohio’s entities have the ability to divide and scatter into a bureaucratic haze when needed by the public (effectively eliminating all responsibility and progress). But, they can magically combine when hunting something they collectively want from the public (like.. money), regardless of the law. Sometimes, these entities don’t need to hide or combine to subvert the law. They do it in plain sight, all by themselves, without the slightest wisp of self-control or introspection. Need proof? Keep reading. (more…)