January 2009


Welcome Mr. President. We congratulate you on becoming our next leader-in-chief. We celebrate your historical achievement, as we celebrate the possibility of the lifting of a great grey veil that has shrouded us from the rest of the world. Soon we might see what the decisions we’ve made for this world has actually done to it.

You must understand this, however. You will receive a multitude of opinions on what should be done next, and how to do it. You have your own opinions, to be sure. But this will be inconsequential against the volume that will be placed at your feet. Now that the American public has learned how anyone can become president, we will assume our opinions can carry the same weight as a seasoned politician’s, and should be regarded as such. Do not become angered at this; it is no reflection of your achievement. This hidden truth was exposed to the public over the last eight years, long before your entrance into the national spotlight. Unfortunately, you must now deal with the consequences of informed democracy: people will expect YOU to listen. (more…)


Heads-up to the last parapsychologist researchers out there (and I’m not talking to those stupid ghost hunters). The science of biology has just merged with quantum mechanical theory. The field of Quantum Biology has been born. Don’t believe me? Check-out the February issue of “Discover ” magazine. As of now, the focus is on the quantum effects found in electrical transfer efficiency during photosynthesis of green plants. Plants have nothing to do with people, you say? How’s this…. The article also describes quantum effects seen in, of all things, human sense of smell. Yes, I’m talking about olfactory nerves. That close enough? Oh yes, they even describe a theory of quantum-enabled consciousness that explains the effects of certain anesthetics. Actual experimental results and a specific (testable) theory! The ball is already rolling.

I believe this is the bridge in technology that Parapsychology has been waiting for. Ultimately, the possibility of describing how the brain might process the effects of quantum entanglements could lead the way to a new era in psychic research. Put-away your Zener cards and saddle-up, researchers. It’s time to roll!


I wonder if it’s possible to use open-channel UV disinfecting arrays (like the Severn-Trent models used for wastewater treatment) adapted for use in existing potable water treatment plants where pre-treatment space for retrofitting is limited.

I have a feeling there will be a desperate need for UV technology in older surface-water treatment plants due to the changing climate. However, these older water plants have a harder time of adding additional equipment to their systems because of the space requirements for these new technologies. Being able to use open-channel UV may be the only financially-viable solution if there is no existing space for conventional ‘In-Pipe’ solutions currently marketed to water manufacturers. I hope someone is working on this, because I know of one plant that may be very interested.