Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But why want to imitate something totally without any merit? And, why so many imitators? I’m talking about the explosion of ” * ” boards all over the internet now. One of the first (and most notable) is Though the home of the “Anon” group and odd cat photos, it’s still truly the bottom of the internet. It has made news several times for its total lack of anything socially redeemable- part of what makes it so enjoyable.

I didn’t say that.

4chan is an image board, similar to a standard internet bulletin board, but allows for easy uploading of images with each post. This “Futaba”-type board system has now been copied numerous times for other boards of similar degradation and debauchery. Most notable (and odd) is growth of futaba boards in Eastern Europe.

But why?!? One 4chan is enough. Though some are specialized for a purpose, most are just poor copies of 4chan crap. A quick search gave these examples:

(Notice list above is not hyperlinked. I have no intention of making it easy for you.)

Posting crap on the internet isn’t new. Some say I’ve even been doing it for some time. And, the futaba system would be great replacement for traditional specialized boards looking for an upgrade. The ‘chan’s give a good demonstration of their capabilities. But, HELLO? The .ORG suffix is supposed to be for non-profits, not idiots! And what’s up with “Chan”? Why is in on everything? What does it mean?

So what? I really don’t like the misuse of the .ORG designation. It was created for a reason. I don’t think the proliferation of the chan’s are a good thing. Too many people with too much time and nothing to do. Have something stupid to say? Say it on an existing board. Don’t waste another .ORG address and creating another board.