December 2008


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But why want to imitate something totally without any merit? And, why so many imitators? I’m talking about the explosion of ” * ” boards all over the internet now. One of the first (and most notable) is Though the home of the “Anon” group and odd cat photos, it’s still truly the bottom of the internet. It has made news several times for its total lack of anything socially redeemable- part of what makes it so enjoyable.

I didn’t say that. (more…)


NOTE: The following piece is not a history lesson, so no sleeping. It’s an editorial. Yelling is allowed.


Contrary to recent events, the communist system actually does work. It works all over the world, to varying degrees. Even the US dabbled with the WPA in the 30’s (an inherently communist organization). The problem with communism is scale: the larger you grow an individual communist population unit (a village, to state, to an entire country), the resulting government bureaucracy necessary to administer the system grows EXPONENTIALLY with the population, and not proportionally as one would think. Soon the segment of the population needed just to administer and check the non-governmental population outgrows the resources generated by that non-governmental population, and the system fails from lack of resources. This mass increase of government personnel leads to the mass increase of central government power. Anytime this happens, the possibility of corruption and totalitarianism will always increase.  That amount of power in one body will always lead to problems. Think: USSR. From Stalin to Khrushchev, the USSR has devolved into an off form of fascism that controlled everyone. Also, large-scale communism breeds an odd sense of non-ownership that strips the population of a sense of worth. Why repair a thing, if it’s not yours to repair? Why not steal if you’re not stealing from someone? If everyone owns it, no one owns it. After years of that type of sentiment, it would be completely understandable if a society were to crumble under the weight of its own apathy. (more…)

panasonWhy does it seem like everything is getting harder to use? DVD recorders that can’t actually record anything because they’re built without TV tuners; Web media players that need aftermarket firmware installed before they can access the web (Linksys!?!); Computers running MS Windows (any version) quickly becomes the pinnacle of pain of all cluster-fuck technology 10 minutes after turning it on! God forbid you attempt to install a remote starter in your car! Discovering you have an IC-chipped-key can force you into becoming a bona-fide con-artist if you have to convince your local dealership to supply the needed parts. Then you need to get an electronics degree just to figure it out. Days are gone when “some assembly required” was the worst thing we could encounter as consumers.

I’ve been using a Panasonic DMR-ES15 DVD recorder for automatic recording of TV shows while I’m away. I’ve owned a few recorders over the years or varying quality. This Panasonic seems to have the best balance of intuitive interface and high compatibility, but there’s a big problem. Although the Panasonic is a good name, this Panasonic DVD deck series seems to destroy DVD+RW’s & RAM’s at an alarming rate. So much so that I stopped using RAM disks because these are just too expensive to keep destroying. (more…)

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