August 2008

Just announced, Obama chooses Joe Biden as V.P.

How interesting.

No, not Biden… that part isn’t particularly interesting at all. He’s fine, normal, and perfectly expected. The interesting part is that his choice wasn’t Hillary. With Obama’s polls slipping quickly away, it makes me wonder if the upcoming Democratic convention might become something more than just a ceremonial roll call for Hillary delegates. Should  actually be interesting to watch. (more…)


Came up with a good idea. At least, I thought so. Anyone who’s ever used a good telescope knows the difficulty of locating celestial objects with it. Anyone can point at some bright dot in the sky, but finding something specific takes some learning. Aligning equatorial mounts, declination & right ascension, coordinate systems; it can become very confusing to a beginner.

I’ve heard about star-finding systems before, with varying opinions. Though, having a piece of electronics that can tell you the position of a given object with the click of the button is interesting, a complete lack of any type of magnifying optics led me to believe the units were essentially useless. One day, it hit me… stick it on a telescope! Of course! No need for lengthy alignment procedures (unless you’re using motorized mounts for photography). You don’t even need to learn anything- just point! (more…)

I tried to find a lighting solution for my macroscope recently. I got tired of using a flashlight on a stick. However, no one knew what the hell I was talking about. Browsing some websites, I noticed these items were now called “Stereo Microscopes.” We didn’t call them that in college. When did this change? (more…)

Here’s a little tidbit for all Nintendo DS owners interested purchasing EZFlash 3-in-1 cart. The board itself is pretty solid. It does all it’s supposed to, as long as you have a system that will support it (Homebrew problem only). But, like most things made or advertised in China, this product has some problems. Most places you can order it do not tell you there are 2 versions. They simply state that the cartridge will work with both the DS and DS Lite. This isn’t true. The DS cartridge version will work with the DS and DS lite (but will be ugly). The DS lite cartridge version will only work with the DS lite. Yes, they’re different. (more…)

I hugged my mom, I gave my wife a kiss goodbye. The boy never came home today (girlfriend issues again), so , heck with him.  I was all set for the full-power start of the LHC in Europe. The world, and apparently a large portion of the solar system, was about to end in a disasterous reaction between strange matter and the matter of our universe. Or worse, we’re about to be sucked down a monsterous black hole grown in Switzerland, where all black holes come from anyway. These are, of course, the only two possibilities. I’m sure the knowledge these scientists will gain in the few fleeting moments between our collective demise and the the flipping of the switch will be wondrous. But, unfortunately, it’s tough to publish when you’ve been strained through a cosmic Cuisinart. (more…)

NASA has discovered Oil on Titan (or, at least hydrocarbons), a moon of Saturn.

I hear Exxon is retrofitting 500 tanker trucks with salvage Zenit2 rockets. Rumor? Probably just advertising for Discovery’s new show: “Space-Road Truckers.”

Sigma Pharmaceuticals ‘AICAR’ (aka “5-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide 1-β-D-ribofuranoside Acadesine N1-(β-D-Ribofuranosyl)-5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide”)


Howard Hughes Medical Institutes’s yet unnamed, and un-described, experimental drug “GW1516” (although Salk Institute for Biological Studies seem to be getting most of the the ink. Odd.)


The drug I’ve been looking for my whole life. Get fit, while sitting on the couch.