July 2008

I seem to have developed a renewed interest in blood cholesterol and it’s related chemistry, after having received a panicked phone call from my doctor last week. It was time for my annual blood test, and the results had him scurrying for his prescription pad. He didn’t even have me come to his office- he phoned the order directly to the local pharmacy. It’s possible my triglycerides are killing me, but I have the sneaking suspicion that 12 hours of fasting wasn’t quite enough to clear the Arby’s curly fries from my system from the night before. A few times a year, I get the curly-fry craving. This one just happened to coincide with a blood test. Whoops. (more…)

A California water company discovered a way to remove Trihalomethanes (THM’s) from drinking water. For the last decade, THMs were a BIG problem for all the surface-water companies (except the RO-guys). Best available technology for the removal of THM’s recommended by the EPA was ‘don’t make any.’ Thanks. Big government comes through again. In the mean time, these Californians’ find a solution with nothing more than a garden hose and a fish tank. They solve the riddle with simple aeration. (more…)

Well, maybe not so new, but close. Normally , I wouldn’t advertise for a service for free, but this one truly deserves it. Oovoo is an odd name for a communications service simmilar to Skype, Yahoo Messanger, or MS Live. There seems to be a lot of these services around, some more popular than others. What makes Oovoo worth gushing over is the fact that, ONE: It works; TWO: It’s free, and THREE: It allows videoconferencing with multiple people. No crap. (more…)