President Obama? Maybe. But once again, the DNC is desperately trying to kill itself. Who are they pushing as VP? It’s supposed to be offered to Hillary, and there are currently meetings about just that. But what’s being released to the media are a string of other possibilities, including, guess what:

A couple of old, blond women.

Yup, they’re looking for Hillary-lite. Not only will they end-up with the “Too-many-revolutions” problem I mentioned before (A black President or a woman, but not at the same time), but they will completely alienate all the former Clinton supporters they need to win. It’s almost as if the DNC is intentionally trying to slap the faces of the voters who dared to defy the DNC elite’s wishes, and support Hillary.

Sometimes I think the DNC has a bit of an inferiority complex. All those years of watching the RNC wield autocratic control over it’s members through religious doctrine, constant self-reinforcing rhetoric with controlled media, and good old-fashioned intimidation, has left the DNC’s leadership feeling flaccid and inadequate. Suddenly, the DNC’s leaders may have come to believe that the traits that made the Democratic party great: it’s inclusiveness in people and ideas, are now a huge liability. How can they effectively force their people to believe what they’re SUPPOSED to believe when they keep letting-in all these new people and ideas. Impossible. What to do? Take a page from the Republicans, and boot the offenders out.

The exodus has already begun. A Democrats-for-McCain movement, made-up of mostly disaffected Clinton voters, is starting to get air-time. Ugly. (I can’t believe I’m linking a FOX news site to my page.) What is the DNC going to do next? Will they try to coalesce their support, or say “Fine! Leave! And take all your Hillary-loving friends with you!”

President McCain? Maybe.

Photo courtesy of AP, I think. Not too sure, actually.