June 2008

President Obama? Maybe. But once again, the DNC is desperately trying to kill itself. Who are they pushing as VP? It’s supposed to be offered to Hillary, and there are currently meetings about just that. But what’s being released to the media are a string of other possibilities, including, guess what:

A couple of old, blond women.

Saturday.. his shift was over, but he won’t go home. So I ask him…

“Wait.. what did you say?”

“Like I said, I picked up the phone and said…Hello?…and she just started talking, about just bullshit. I got no clue who she is. I kept trying to change the conversation or even get a single word in, but she kept changing the subject. Now it’s 5 minutes later, and I can’t just say, like, ‘who the fuck are you again?’. It’s gone too far.” (more…)