May 2008

A recent JAMA study recently reported that the two decade-long childhood obesity epidemic has finally leveled off, around 16%. Although that seems very nice, the number strikes me as odd. It’s a number that reminds me of epidemiological studies in toxicology (back when I had to know that kind of stuff). There are many different types of toxins in the environment. Some of these are known, some aren’t. They will effect most of a population to some small degree over time, but a certain small percentage of the population will be affected acutely. “16%” reminds me of that. (more…)

So, what happens when you suddenly discover your biological imperative to survive has become overshadowed by the realization that, after decades of struggle, that you have nothing more than an endless, mindless labor ahead? What do you do when can no longer justify your own carbon footprint? Or your own sewer bill? (more…)

Got in another magazine. Just an industry magazine, but it was important to me. See my “Published” page.

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