April 2008

Sometimes I do wish Cheney was president. Listening to Dick give a humorous speech at the recent Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner , it hit me… He needed to be president.



For all those trying to debug problems with their original Labtec webcams (like the one above), I have a little hint. (more…)

For the first time, I saw a “flexfuel” Sedan in my area. It was a pretty, brand-new Chevy Impala. It’s shiny white paint glistened in the sun. It’s been a year and a half since I first wrote “Ethanol..Made to Fail?” , and 2 years since oil companies and car dealers in my area began pushing for local adoption. At the time, I was complaining that everyone was hailing Ethanol as our next energy savior, but no one would sell vehicles that ran on it. (more…)

When I first got my Honda, I kept the door lock fob on my key chain for about a week. Ever since, it’s been in the hidey-bin next to the steering wheel. Why? Every time I’d walk away from my car and put my keys in my pocket, the doors would unlock. Then lock. And unlock. After fighting with the locks every day in parking lots across the county, I got fed up. (more…)