March 2008


After starting Netscape last week, I received the message that I should upgrade to an alternative browser, since Netscape will cease to exist very soon. Now, there’s a permanent reminder icon on the bottom of the screen.

All things end, especially in modern electronics. Although not entirely surprised, I’m sorry to see Netscape go. But, not as sorry as I’d be if I had to actually stop using it. You heard me.. Netscape is staying right on this computer. It will be here 10 years from now. (more…)


I’ve been asked a few times what these little outlets were in my home. They’re not really an invention because, as I discovered, they can be found (with difficulty) as a single product on the market. Mine is just home-made.

This device controls the speed of plug-in fans for picky people. (more…)


The Democratic race, for all the rallying and excitement, is still 50/50. It was this way last month, it will be 50/50 month from now. Obama’s technical overall lead and Hillary’s recent wins mean nothing. It still adds up to an even race. What to do? Even a 60/40 lean would be helpful; we don’t even have that. Ohio has declared Hillary the next president, and Ohio is usually right. In a campaign season as unusual as this has been already, Ohio being wrong for once probably won’t even be noticed. This race will go to the democratic convention. I don’t care about republican fanatics threatening to flood democratic contests for Hillary. I don’t care about blacks threatening race riots. I don’t even care if my favorite candidate wins the primary. I’ve done what I could. You see, there will eventually be a Democratic Candidate. What I worry about, the issue that bothers be, is how does that person defeat McCain? (more…)