Wife and I decided to take a trip to see a midnight rally in Toledo. It wasn’t supposed to be a midnight rally, but Hillary was over 2 hours late. De-icing the plane, we were told. She was in Columbus. Strangely, Toledo is a 2 hour drive away. It would have been faster just to car-pool up the state rather than waste time screwing-around with Ohio airports. Sneaking-in from an overflow room, we heard a speech saying all the things she needed to say. It was more job/union-centric than others, but this was Toledo. After the requisite amount of cheering, heckling, and fainting, we all got out of there just before midnight. Still pretty good.

With all her NAFTA talk, I realized NAFTA is going to be a sticky subject for her here. While NAFTA has created many jobs through expansion here, it’s also lead to a large amount of loss. I know this because not only do I listen to people, I was directly affected by the policy. My product line got moved to a Mexican facility. To be fair, they offered to move me with it. Warez wasn’t for me, though. I declined, and became unemployed.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been affected by most of the major domestic issues in play with the democratic party. I worked for almost a decade in clinical service, and got to witness the change from traditional service ownership to the new corporate healthcare system. I saw, first-hand, what medicine-for-profit really is. That’s why I left. After my bout with NAFTA (many jobs later), I began work in another industry, and got to see first-hand the effects of global warming. Where I work, we were some of the first to witness the biological changes of global warming, because they directly effect our systems and bottom line. We had the privilege of, on one hand, being told that global warming doesn’t exist, while on the other, being told that we must change our processes to keep-up with these non-existant changes or risk an EPA violation. Same government, 2 branches, 2 stories. I guess I’m like an entire domestic-policy speech rolled into one person.

A couple of days ago, my wife was watching an NBC morning show. They said Hillary’s polls were up. That night, Brian Willams of NBC nightly news claimed Hillary’s polls were down again, and her campaign was essentially on the ropes. I switched to ABC, where they we running a story about Obama’s lack of experience. No polling data offered. The next day, my local newspaper ran a story of how Hillary was ahead in the polls. Inconsistent? More than that. I fear the Obama-worship of MSNBC has infiltrated all of NBC. Shameful. It’s more than enough to have 2 activist stations (on cable). We don’t need more. The truth in reporting is muddy enough as it is.