February 2008

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Wife and I decided to take a trip to see a midnight rally in Toledo. It wasn’t supposed to be a midnight rally, but Hillary was over 2 hours late. De-icing the plane, we were told. She was in Columbus. Strangely, Toledo is a 2 hour drive away. It would have been faster just to car-pool up the state rather than waste time screwing-around with Ohio airports. Sneaking-in from an overflow room, we heard a speech saying all the things she needed to say. It was more job/union-centric than others, but this was Toledo. After the requisite amount of cheering, heckling, and fainting, we all got out of there just before midnight. Still pretty good. (more…)


It’s beginning. The compact Flash card has been usurped by SD. In digital photography circles, this is a big issue. CF has been the king of memory cards for ever, and many of us have substantial investments in these little chips. Yes, SD has a greater market share among consumer-level products, but they have always been behind in professional applications. Memory capacity and speed have always been paramount in digital photography, where the dominance lies. (more…)

With all that’s happening now, I find myself wasting time on BIOSHOCK. Damn video games. It kind of ‘snuck’ up on me. Understand, I haven’t played a serious video game since DOOM II. Now, unfortunately, I’m addicted. So much to write, so little time between kills to write it.

‘Da Vote

OK. The ‘super -Tuesday’ vote-a-thon is over. Obama was behind, but every media outlet said this was his big night. He’d take the democratic nomination right there. McCain would finally challenge Romney for the Republican lead and Huckabee would drop out. We watched and laughed, as every news channel failed miserably. We watched McCain spank Romney into submission, and Huckabee become a viable vice-presidential candidate. We watched as Hillary took Massachusetts and screwed poor Ted Kennedy with his pants on (oh, that was fun). God help the Kennedy clan if she defies BOTH parties and becomes president. God help Ted once he slogs back to Massachusetts to ask why his people didn’t do as he wanted. (more…)



Watching Bill Maher on Larry King Live last night reminded me how much I miss his late night “Politically Incorrect” series on ABC. I don’t miss it enough to shell-out the extra $30 a month for his “Real Time” show on HBO, though. Honestly, if it weren’t for the stupid inventions on this site, I’d shut it down and direct everyone to Maher’s Forum site from HBO . His politics and mine are frighteningly similar. (more…)


I was thinking about campaign finance reform, and the way money moves from individual campaigns to their parties and back again. Thinking in purely financial terms, if the best possible campaign finance reform bill was passed to create a level playing-field for all serious candidates, would political parties wither-away and eventually become extinct? Would a truly effective finance reform bill slowly strangle the two-party system, leaving a mass of independent candidates in every election? Is that a good thing? Now, I must admit, I’m not entirely sure. Thoughts, anyone?