December 2007


Did you ever fart so long, you started whistling calypso music afterward?



…Professor Elms paces in his practice room. It may be nothing more than a messy, book-filled corner of the living room next to the foyer, but it does contain a baby-grand piano, and that’s enough. A 10 yr old girl massacres chopsticks on the worn piano.

“Take your time. Concentrate.” He winces in pain.

She continues, unabated by the horrible sound. An egg-timer in the corner dings with glee. Mr Elms runs to the door, flinging it open with a wide smile.

“Well Samantha, looks like times-up!”

The girl jumps in surprise, her fingers still on the keys. “I’ve really been trying. Did it sound better this time?”

“Oh…Yes! It’s an improvement over the last..12.. times.” He chokes on the words. “But don’t worry, I’ll just burn the piano when you’re done.” For a moment, she stops struggling with her jacket to look back at him, but he shoves her out the door…


…I don’t do it because I’m mean or sadistic.

…though, I’m sure it’s a factor…

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Here I go again. Every time I see a VOIP possibility, that cheap price lures me in again. And I proceed to screw myself. Can’t help it. I’m cheap. And VOIP- in it’s many forms- is just as cheap as me.

Well…cheaper, apparently.


Wonder of Wonders! After 3 sets of new towels, and my wife and I thinking we were going nuts, we discovered something Incredible. New towels actually don’t absorb water…no matter how much you wash them! (more…)


I don’t know how late I am to this issue. Usually when I discover something new on the web, it’s already on it’s third or fourth orbit around the blog-o-sphere, and about to hit the news. This time, I appear to be more late than normal. A new propaganda movie, “Zeitgeist” is getting lots of (ink?) in the blogs and bulletin boards. Assuming I was about to see a German art film, I took a look. Holy cannoli! Art film..a little. Conspiracy propaganda… in Bunches! (more…)

The files are all leached (re-leached, actually); the car is fixed; the dead cow parts are in the freezer, Christmas presents are all bought…

Time to start this damn blog-thing again.

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