October 2007


Here’s one for the increasing market for power wheelchairs and scooters created by the aging baby boomer generation. All of these units use some type of joystick controller. Almost all use one of roughly 3 makes of controller unit. The rubber covers on these joysticks do wear off or split. They can be expensive to replace, both in parts and labor. Also, certain disabilities affect hand-function in such a way that makes use of small joysticks difficult. I’ve seen many CF patients using hollowed-out tennis and rubber-exercise balls inserted in the stick for proper grip. I believe this is, as of yet, a truly untapped market. (more…)


Is it “co-workers” or “coworkers”? I can’t remember. I always use “co-workers” because “coworkers” looks too much like “Cow-Orkers.”

I don’t know what ‘Orking’ is, but I don’t want to do it to a cow. Nevertheless, if that is the correct spelling, I guess I’ll have to use it. Any takers?


Well, it happened. I suppose it was inevitable. The referendum to put issue 1, the so-called “no-touch” rule for Ohio’s exotic dancers, up for public vote, has failed miserably. The signatures needed to allow this to happen were, apparently, mostly fraudulent. The ‘CCS‘ and ‘Dancers For Democracy,’ the business organizations made of dancers and club owners, spearheaded the the attempt to defeat the new law. Hopes were high when they announced on September 4th that they had collected enough signatures for the referendum. Not so much now. My first reaction was a snide remark about strippers and math. But, I know that’s not fair. They’re not the first to have a little counting problem when it comes to votes. (more…)

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