September 2007


Horror Of Horrors! My 5-month-old Hitachi Deskstar T7K500 died! First was the sound of a chicken bone in the garbage disposal. Then, accompanying the following silence, was the faint smell of burning plastic and ozone. DEAD! The Hitachi was the 400GB heart of my Media Center computer. Almost half-a-tera of movies and TV shows (leached, allegedly). And no..I didn’t back it up. It was the biggest HDD on my network. How the hell do you backup half a terabyte? As I now know, with another 400GB drive. Yes the Hitachi T7K500’s are getting a horrible reputation for failures, but I can’t use this as excuse. All those hours, all those rapidshare accounts- all history.

I add this here just as a reminder to all to BACK UP YOUR DATA. Pile of DVDs, mom’s computer, another HDD (maybe not Hitachi), anything. Just get it done. Venting Complete.

جماعة أبو سياف

Before we left the states, I remembered hearing a part of an odd news report, but I didn’t get the whole story, and I forgot about it. And so, we’re now in the middle of San Vincinte, just about to eat dinner, and I finally decide to ask her why the airport closed a couple of weeks a few months before we left on the trip.

And she says…

“The Muslim militia in the north wants to attack it cause the military are fighting a Muslim uprising in the south.”

“My god! Are we surrounded?!”

“Of course not. Have some fish.” (more…)


Wouldn’t this be an interesting solution to our problems here? Make legislative proposals go through a public ‘wiki’ process after committee, but before being brought to house/senate floors. The New Zealand Legislative experiment (more…)

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